Child development specialists are agreed that children can thrive when their parents separate if there is low conflict and the children have on-going contact with both parents. Whilst this seems sensible enough, the reality of separation is that we are often doing all that we can just to make it through each day ourselves. We are dealing with our own emotions, the practical decisions that need to be made and are often just ‘getting by’. So the expert’s advice is logical? Yes. Easy? Not always. Possible? Yes, especially with the help of a mediator.

When parents are in disagreement, we work with you to evolve an effective method of communication. If you are able to communicate effectively, even if your relationship is strained, then you will be able to resolve most issues regarding your children. We work with you to help you define what you want for your children and, if you choose, to create a parenting plan.

A parenting plan is not legally binding, but arrangements that have been agreed willingly by you both are more likely to be kept to than imposed arrangements.

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