I am delighted to be able to share that a new service has opened in Oxfordshire aimed at supporting children and separating parents. Similar to the wonderful ‘Children’s Voice’ service run for many years by Oxfordshire Family Mediation, ‘Children’s Space’ is run by Parenting Practitioners Oxfordshire (www.parentingpractitionersoxfordshire.co.uk). They offer children the time and space to play and talk to a completely independent person trained to help them understand events and deal with their thoughts and feelings relating to the separation. Sessions cost £50 for 50 minutes. Clients of mine have already used this service and speak very highly of it. Parenting Practitioners Oxfordshire also offer parenting support for the challenges unconnected with separation. For more details see their website: www.parentingpractitionersoxfordshire.co.uk.

Lesley Rollinson has also worked with us to provide some top tips on 'How to make weekends work post break-up' and you can read them here https://www.abingdonfamilymediation.co.uk/parents-guide-how-to-make-weekends-work-post-break-up/

If you are worried about your children following your separation, both parents can come into mediation and discuss it together with a professional mediator. Call Polly on 07706 513496 or email polly@abingdonfamilymediation.co.uk.