We aim to work to the highest standards and we are bound by the Family Mediation Council’s code of ethics, which you can find here on our website.

We hope that you will find that we work with you in a manner that it satisfactory to you and that assists you in reaching decisions for the future. We hope that you will find that we work in keeping with the Family Mediation Council’s code of ethics.

If you are not happy with the service we have provided in relation to mediation, or if you feel that there has been a breach of the Family Mediation Council’s code of practice, then the following complaints procedure applies.

1.1 You may make a complaint against us, if you are a client, a former client, a prospective client who has directly been affected by a mediator’s professional behaviour or a person who has been invited to participate in a mediation process, for example another professional who attends a mediation AND

1.2 You believe that there has been a breach of the Family Mediation Council’s (FMC) Codes of Practice or Standards Framework AND

1.3 This breach occurred within the last three months. Where the complaint relates to the way that the mediation as a whole was conducted, the three months runs from the date of the last meeting AND

1.4 The complaint is not regarded as vexatious or of a purely personal nature, in which case it will not be considered. Complaints are regarded as vexatious or of a purely personal nature when;

  • The purpose appears to be to intimidate, disturb, disrupt and/or unduly or unfairly pressurise the mediator or the FMC or the Family Mediation Standards Board (FMSB, who handle complaints relating to member mediators on behalf of the FMC)
  • They are persistent/repetitive, and repeating the same or substantially similar complaints which have already been investigated.
  • They are clearly unfounded or unsupported by evidence.
  • They are irrelevant and relate to matters other than mediation.
  • Abusive or offensive language is used.
  • They are discriminatory or focus on the personal attributes of a mediator rather than their actions as a mediator.

2. If you wish to make a formal complaint, please email polly@pollygavins.co.uk. Please provide your name, phone number, email address, your position in relation to the mediator (e.g., client, former client, qualifying third party), the nature of the complaint and the date it refers to. We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days. Please note that we will also inform the other person involved in the mediation that you have made a complaint and its content. It may be necessary for us to pause the mediation whilst the complaint is being handled and, in that case, we will inform you both.

3. On receipt of a formal complaint, it will be investigated and referred to our Professional Practice Consultant. We may need to request additional information from you. We aim to respond to the complaint within 21 days of its receipt. Should this not be possible for any reason, we will agree a longer time frame with you. We aim to resolve matters via discussion with you. If we are unable to do so, then mediation will be offered although both the mediator and you may choose not to engage in mediation.

4. Should you not be satisfied after we have attempted to resolve the issue with you, then you may approach the FMSB to consider the complaint if certain criteria are met. For more details on how to do this and the relevant criteria, click here.

5. Should you wish to make a complaint, you agree that the relevant files and information will be shared with those who conduct an investigation, including both my PPC and the Family Mediation Standards Board.

February 2022

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