10 reasons to consider family mediation.

Why consider family mediation? Read on for ten good reasons

  1. It’s quicker. Resolving your financial issues in family mediation usually takes 2-3 months if you are both engaged and able to provide the necessary information. Resolving your financial issues via the courts takes 6-18months.
  2. It’s cheaper. The average cost of resolving your financial issues in family mediation is around £1000. Using solicitors to negotiate on your behalf is likely to cost in the region of £4-7000 and going via the courts can be in excess of £24,000.
  3. You decide. Decisions are made by you and not by someone else who doesn’t know you, your family or your circumstances.
  4. Agreements stick. If you have both discussed the options and reached an agreement that works for you both, it is much more likely that you will stick to it.
  5. Relationship is preserved. If you have children, you will need to continue have a relationship as co-parents. Using solicitors or the court process tends to damage relationships further as blame and accusations are thrown. Family mediation rarely makes matters worse.
  6. Details agreed. Especially in relation to children’s arrangements, it is often the detail that causes problems. These details may not be covered by court orders and solicitor negotiation makes the process cumbersome. Discussing the details face to face is the best way of reaching agreement and family mediation can support you to do this.
  7. Improves communication. Family mediation tends to encourage and support good communication.
  8. It’s safe. Family mediation will only proceed if both parties and the mediator feel it is safe.
  9. Conflict is minimised. In family mediation, we look for solutions to the issues. We do not look back over what has gone wrong or whose fault it was.
  10. It works!
Why you should consider family mediation