Cost of family mediation Oxfordshire

Meeting charges.

Our preference is to work remotely via Zoom. It has proved to work well during lockdown, even for people who have not used Zoom before. It also saves time and cost and the environment. The costs below are for remote working.

An individual introduction meeting (MIAM) costs £90.

This meeting lasts for up to an hour and a half and the cost includes the completion of the appropriate court forms, if required.

A 2 hour joint meeting costs £165 per person.

There is an additional charge of £165 per person if we write up a full agreement and financial statement.
We don’t make an additional charge if the agreement only relates to children’s arrangements.

In special circumstances, we will consider working in person. Contact us to discuss this. If we do agree to work in person, the charges for a joint meeting increase to £180 per person per meeting. This is to cover the additional costs.

Total charges.

Mediation is charged on a meeting by meeting basis. However, we have given an idea below of how much an average case might cost. Please be aware that each case is different and you will pay according to the number of meetings you need. These figures are given only as a guide. They are based on remote working.

To reach agreement about arrangements for children usually takes between 2-3 meetings.                                                                                                         The cost for this would be £420-£585 EACH.

To reach an agreement about finances usually takes 4-5 meetings.                                                                                                                                                   The cost for this would be £915-£1080 EACH to include providing you with an Open Financial Statement and Memorandum of Understanding.

Our terms.

Payment is requested via bank transfer, in advance of all meetings.

In the event of cancellation, if you cancel within 3 working days of the meeting that has been booked, there is a £50 cancellation fee to the person who cancels the meeting. This because if you cancel within 3 working days of the meeting, we will still pay for the room booking.