Abingdon Oxfordshire family mediation

Ostriches and Zebras are completely different species. They have different habits, lifestyles and needs. Yet they work effectively together to protect each other from predators. Ostriches have a very poor sense of smell and hearing, while these senses are high in a zebra. Zebras have poor eyesight and ostriches have excellent eyesight. So they graze together. In that way, the ostriches eyes and the zebras ears and nose allow them to avoid predators more effectively than they could alone.

We are all different. We have different priorities, values and beliefs, and this sometimes leads to conflict. Where the conflict is between people who were in an intimate relationship together, this can be very challenging. If there are children of that relationship, meaning there is a need for an on-going relationship, the challenge becomes greater. But, different species can work together for their mutual benefit, and so can we.

At Abingdon Family Mediation, we try to help people do what ostriches and zebras do naturally.