Thinking of getting divorced and not sure how to get started? Ask yourself these questions to discover if mediation is for you.

√  Would you feel safe being in the same room as your ex, giving your point of view with the mediator’s help?

Mediation requires you to sit in the same room as your ex, with the mediator there to support you both. We can have as many breaks as you like and we can arrange for you both to arrive and leave separately

√  Do you want to save yourself thousands of pounds?

Using solicitors to negotiate on your behalf can cost between of £4,000 to £7,000, and going via the courts can be in excess of £24,000! By contrast, the average cost of resolving your financial issues in mediation is around £1,000-1,500

√  Do your want a less stressful break-up?

If you resolve your issues through solicitors or the courts, the adversarial process will almost certainly worsen your communication and escalate conflict. Mediation, however, allows both parties to express their views in a calm environment, making it less stressful for everyone involved.

√  Do you want to make joint decisions about your children and your finances?

If you use the court process, then a judge - who doesn’t know you or your children - will make the decisions. In mediation, you remain in control and only make agreements that you both feel are right.

√  Do you want to put the divorce behind you and get on with life?

Mediation is a relatively quick and inexpensive process that minimises conflict and leaves you in control of decisions.

To have a chat about whether mediation might be right for you, please call 07706 513496 or email


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