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The end of a relationship can be very stressful and not knowing where to start when it comes to formally organising the separation or a divorce can add to that stress. In this blog, we give you some ideas about how to find professional help for divorce or separation.

People often contact me saying they don’t really know where to start. It can feel overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to turn for support. There is lots of support out there, but how do you know who you need, who is good and how to find them?

It is always better to use professionals that have been recommended to you. Your mediator may be able to recommend local professionals. But if you have been unable to find anyone through word of mouth, the databases below may be helpful. 

Most good professionals should be happy to have a brief chat with you before they start working with you. You can talk to more than one to find someone with whom you feel comfortable working. Make sure you check out their qualifications and experience. 

Here are a few options to consider when going through a separation or divorce:

  • Counsellor. 

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is the leading professional association for members of the counselling professions in the UK. To become registered, therapists must have passed a BACP-accredited course and to have appropriate supervision and undertake continuing professional development. The most experienced counsellors will be accredited.

You can search their database here

You may be able to access a counsellor via the NHS and your GP, but there is often a long waiting list. Some charities also offer counselling support. Try Some employers also offer counselling as part of their employer benefits so it is worth asking your line manager about this.

  • Solicitor

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive and non-confrontational way. They have a database of solicitor members here There is also plenty of good general advice on their website.

  • Financial advisor

If you are looking for a financial advisor to support you during your divorce, check out the Resolution database. 

Financial planners can be very helpful when working out your finances in relation to divorce. For more information, check out my blog on Financial Planners and Divorce

  • Pensions advisor

There is not a good database for pensions advisors who specialise in divorce. It is recommended that you ask your solicitor or mediator for recommendations.

  • Mortgage advisor.

You will want a mortgage advisor who is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and you can check their database here

You will also want a mortgage broker who covers the whole of the market and does not just focus on a few lenders.

  • Mediator

If you are looking for a mediator, check the Family Mediation Council database. You can check a box if you are looking for mediators that offer legally aided mediation.


…or, of course, you can speak to me! I’m a fully accredited Family Mediation Council mediator – I am happy to chat to you if you are considering mediation. You can contact me at or on 07706 513496.

How to find professional help for divorce or separation.