When you’re going through a divorce, often financial worries can leave you feeling as overwhelmed and anxious as the break-up itself. But there’s good news – some people are eligible for legal aid for mediation. This means that if you are on low income or benefits, it is well worth considering whether mediation might be appropriate for you because using a solicitor will be much, much more expensive.

To find out if mediation is right for you, click here to read my blog post about what it involves and factors to consider https://www.abingdonfamilymediation.co.uk/family-mediation-right/

If you are able to obtain legal aid for mediation, this means that your mediation sessions are provided for you FREE of charge. It also means that your ex’s individual meeting is free AND their first joint meeting, even if they are not eligible for legal aid. You may even apply for legal help to support you alongside the mediation process.

To find out more about legal aid for family mediation, click here. https://www.gov.uk/legal-aid/what-you-can-get

Click here for an online calculator that indicates whether you may be eligible for legal aid.


Unfortunately you can’t obtain legal aid for legal fees (like hiring a solicitor or court fees), except in specific circumstances. Legal Aid is only available for your legal fees if you are eligible and where you can provide evidence of domestic violence or where there is a child who is at risk of abuse from someone other than you. To find a local solicitor with a legal aid contract, click here https://find-legal-advice.justice.gov.uk/.


If you think you may be eligible for legal aid for mediation, then give us a call. We do not have a contract to offer legally aided mediation, but we can recommend local mediators who can.

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