Abingdon Family Mediation believes children and young people should never experience abuse of any kind.

We all have a responsibility to promote the welfare of children and young people and to keep them safe.

We are committed to conducting ourselves, and our work, in a way that protects them.

Concerns may arise during initial discussions with clients, during individual or joint mediation meetings.

If a safeguarding concern arises, we will aim to discuss our concerns with the parent or family of the child, unless:

  • A family member might be responsible for abusing the child.
  • Someone may be put in danger by the family being involved.
  • Informing the family might interfere with a criminal investigation.

Whenever possible, we would encourage the parent or the family to refer any concerns themselves to the children’s services department.

If it is not appropriate to discuss our concerns with the family for the reasons given above, we would then raise the concern as a matter of priority (the same day, or if later in the day and impractical to do so the following day) with our Professional Practice Consultant (PPC).

After discussing the case with our PPC we may make a referral ourselves to the local authority children's services.

Or if we are concerned a child or young person requires immediate protection and urgent action then we will make that referral to the local authority children's services or children's social care department immediately.

Alternatively we may discuss the concerns - without disclosing the identity of the child or family - with the NSPCC helpline or the social care department where the child is resident.

If you wish to make your own referral about a child, you can find the contact numbers here.

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