So, you have decided to separate, perhaps to divorce? What next? Where do you start?

The first place to start may be to pause and check that you are sure that this is what you want to do. It may have been forced upon you and may not be your choice. Even then, you can choose how you respond.

Separation is hard and has a lasting impact on all involved. Often when a relationship is breaking down, people can rush too quickly towards separation and divorce without thinking about the consequences or alternatives.

If you do choose to separate or divorce, then there are three main issues you will need to think about,

  • Getting a divorce or ending a civil partnership.
  • Sorting your finances.
  • Making arrangements for your children.

There is plenty of good information online that can explain how to go about resolving these issues. Look at our resources section and you will find our pick of good starting places.

You can also come in for a confidential one to one meeting with a mediator who will help you to work out your options and next steps. You can do this even if you decide not to proceed with mediation.

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