Co-parenting with an ex is often tricky, but here are seven co-parenting apps to make it easier.


Most of the co-parenting apps offer four basic features:


  • A shareable calendar and scheduling tools
  • A messaging function that keeps a record of all your messages and replies
  • An expenses record so that you can collate and share expenses
  • A storage function for key documents eg medical records and also for sharing photos and memories


The different products approach the features in different ways and some tools are more comprehensive than others. Some people like the design of one app over another and it can be quite subjective.


Here is our round-up of some of the best options. Note: almost all of the apps are developed for the US market. This doesn’t make them any less relevant for the UK market but some have worked harder to adapt their language and functions to suit a UK market.


  1. AppClose is a FREE mobile only app. It has features that cover all of the basic elements listed above.
  2. Custody Connection is a FREE mobile only app. It is the simplest of its kind and features a calendar that you can sync with the other parent so you are both kept up to date.
  3. Co-parently covers all of the features listed above. It can be used on a PC or mobile. It offers a 30 day trial and then costs $99 per annum, per parent.
  4. We Parent is a mobile only app that covers all of the features listed above. It offers a free 14 days trial and then costs $99 per annum, PER FAMILY.
  5. Talking Parents describes itself as a co-parenting communication service. Many of their premium level functions are not accessible in the UK, but they cover all of the basic functions above in a free basic level service and so may be worth a look.
  6. One of our favourites is 2Houses, which is available for PC and mobile. This is the only non-US product and is based in Belgium. We feel that it covers all the basic elements well. It has 180,000 users across the world and we think this makes it large enough to be a serious player but small enough to care. It offers a 14 day free trial, after which it costs £99 per annum, PER FAMILY. We even like that users are charged in Pounds!
  7. Our other recommendation is Our Family Wizard, also available for PC and mobile. Although this is a US product, they have done a huge amount of work in making the product relevant to the UK market and to establishing it here in the UK. It is probably the market leader in the UK and has had plenty of publicity over here. Again, it covers all of the features listed above. It costs £79 per annum, per person. They don’t offer a free trial, but they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


Some co-parents will find that they don’t need to use co-parenting software at all. The simplest support for your co-parenting arrangements is to use a shared Google calendar, or something similar. I usually suggest that clients drop in school term dates, birthdays and other special days and then add the parenting arrangements that have been agreed for the year ahead. They can then agree monthly reviews of any dates that need changing and an annual review when the dates are taken forward for another year.


I always suggest that parents give each other as much warning as possible if dates need to be changed and, if they can’t reach agreement, then the original agreed dates stand.

For more information on creating a parenting plan, click here.

If you want to talk about your co-parenting schedule and think that mediation might help you, you can call me on 07706 513496 or email We’d also love any feedback if anyone has found any of the apps useful – or not!

Seven recommended co-parenting apps to make your life easier
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